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One morning in early autumn 2012, Toni Ketelä stepped through the door of VEO’s head office in Vaasa and asked to meet the CEO. Toni was convinced that an export company operating in the international markets was precisely the kind of company he wanted to cooperate with.

After the meeting with Toni, the feeling at VEO was that the young Finnish international cross-country skier had great potential. Furthermore, many similarities between him and the company were identified. A goal-directed, long-term approach is one of Toni’s strongest qualities and the same approach is also needed in the energy technology sector where VEO operates. VEO is constantly recruiting new employees, and when Toni presented his plans and dreams to the company, he exuded the same attitude that VEO seeks in it’s workers.

toniketela_3Toni’s roots and home base are in Vaasa, but his goal is to reach the top international level. From the very start, VEO also aimed at the export market – the company’s first order went to Saudi Arabia. Since then, VEO has grown in 25 years from a small Vaasa spin-off into an international business. In its early years, VEO was in the Top 500 list of the fastest growing European companies and job creators. Today the company employs 350 people and has a turnover of 65 million Euros.

“Toni has clear goals and he is a determined young man. He has all that it takes to reach the very top,” says Brand Manager Maria Hällund. VEO and Toni have signed an agreement, according to which VEO will be Toni’s main sponsor for an extended period. A good guy and a good company have decided to work towards a common goal.

VEO is an energy expert providing automation and electrification solutions for electricity generation, distribution and utilization. More than half of the company’s turnover, which in 2014 amounted to 65 MEUR, comes from renewable energy solutions. VEO’s main office is based in Vaasa, Finland. The company also has offices in Sweden and Norway.

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